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Re: Google-code issue raising

From: Rinke Hoekstra <hoekstra@uva.nl>
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 12:21:51 +0200
Message-ID: <470F4ABF.10404@uva.nl>
To: Bijan Parsia <bparsia@cs.man.ac.uk>
CC: Alan Ruttenberg <alanruttenberg@gmail.com>, public-owl-wg@w3.org
Hi Bijan,

Thanks for the clarification! Sounds good enough ;)

Perhaps my point (still) is that I don't really see where the W3 Wiki 
talk pages fit in. Ah well, we'll see how it goes.



Bijan Parsia wrote:
> Hi Rinke,
> On 12 Oct 2007, at 10:25, Rinke Hoekstra wrote:
>> Hi Bijan, Alan, others,
>> Bijan Parsia wrote:
>>> One question: It's possible to have someone CCed on issues. So we 
>>> could have this list CCed whenever an issue is proposed or discussed. 
>>> Should we make this our policy?
>> I personally think some kind of notification system is a good idea, 
>> and cc-ing to this list is probably the most convenient solution, 
>> although an rss-feed would not be bad either.
> I think the final solution probably should include both.
>> My main concern is that I think we should try to keep the discussion 
>> in a single place as much as possible. Having a mailinglist, google 
>> code/wiki postings
> There should be no google code *WIKI* postings. Only issue lists.

>> and owl wiki talk discussions might be overdoing it a bit. Not that I 
>> have a solution handy, but some policy regarding what goes where might 
>> be nice...
> The current policy as I proposed it is that if you find an issue you'd 
> like to propose concerning the documents whether editorial or 
> substantive, that you enter into the google code issue tracker. I would 
> further suggests that comments on that issue be entered into the issue 
> tracker as well. All this can be cced to public-owl-wg. If people want 
> to have general discussion/clarificatory talk, they can do it on list 
> with any important point being summarized back into the issues list 
> comments. This way, we do have one definitely place where everything 
> ends up.
> This is pretty much how it's worked until now, except issues weren't 
> cced to public-owl-dev. People (like me and alan) *would* take 
> discussions that raised interesting issue from public-owl-dev and 
> reflect them into the tracker.
> Cheers,
> Bijan.

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