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ISSUE-77 (Horn-SHIQ): Extending Horn-SHIQ

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Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 17:17:05 +0000 (GMT)
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ISSUE-77 (Horn-SHIQ): Extending Horn-SHIQ


Raised by: Bijan Parsia
On product: 

(On behalf of Carsten Lutz.)

Why Horn-SHIQ, and not Horn-SHIQO, i.e., why not include nominals?  I
know that nothing has been published on Horn-SHIQO, but the difference
to Horn-SHIQ is not so big, and we have enough (wo)man-power and
expertise in this group to check whether something breaks
w.r.t. Hornness and other desirable properties (it shouldn't!).

This remark does not only apply to Horn-SHIQ and not only to nominals:

- what other things that are in OWL 1.1 but not in Horn-SHIQ could be
  added to Horn-SHIQ without loosing nice properties?

- In general: shouldn't we try to have the tractable fragments "up to
  date" with main OWL 1.1? For the case of EL++, I will report on this
  in a later mail.
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