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Results of the 2018 Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative

From: Michelle Cheatham <michelle.cheatham@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2018 09:32:38 -0400
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To: Michelle Cheatham <michelle.cheatham@gmail.com>

Since 2004, the Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative has been
supporting the extensive and rigorous evaluation of ontology matching and
instance matching techniques. This year's participants included several
newcomers, as well as enhanced versions of existing systems that take on a
variety of new challenges, including alignment of knowledge graphs, finding
complex relationships between ontologies and tackling ontologies from the
biodiversity and ecology domains.

The results of this year's initiative are available at

These results will be discussed at the Ontology Matching workshop held in
conjunction with ISWC in Monterrey, CA next week. We would welcome your
attendance at the workshop, and hope to see you participate in next year's

Kind Regards,
The OAEI Organizing Committee

Dr. Michelle Cheatham
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