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newbie question on rules

From: Cardamom Orange <cardamomorange@hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2011 12:27:59 -0400
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I hope I am directing my question to the right place but do
feel free to point me in a better direction.

The piece of information I need to represent is this:


There is a "standard transaction limit" of $7,000
for ServiceType1,

 $5,000 for
ServiceType2 and a combined limit of $7,000 for both 

(e.g. ServiceType1 + ServiceType2 must be less than or equal
to $7,000).

  If ServiceType1+ServiceType2
is greater than or equal to $3,000 then a 

2nd form of identification is necessary.  


The "Standard transaction limit" is true in 49
states.  In Arizona the

 limit is $450 for
ServiceType1, and $450 for ServiceType2 because of 

state regulations. There are some other rules for the state
of CA, and for Mexican states on the border of the US.



My question is, is this the type of statement that 

is appropriate to be represented using SWRL and other rule

Is it possible to use OWL to do it? Is there an example you can think of of someone
modeling something similar that you could point me to?


Thank you for any thoughts you might have.


All Best,



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