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ANN: VIStology Releases BaseVISor 2.0 Inference Engine, Supports OWL 2 RL

From: Brian Ulicny <bulicny@vistology.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 13:26:45 -0800 (PST)
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VIStology Delivers BaseVISor 2.0

Fast, Customizable, Forward-Chaining Inference Engine supports OWL 2 RL

Framingham, MA – February 22, 2011 – VIStology, Inc., a leading semantic
technology company, today announced the general availability of BaseVISor
2.0.  BaseVISor is a powerful semantic inference technology that enables
organizations to implement an ontology-driven approach to knowledge
representation and reasoning.  BaseVISor 2.0 adds support for the W3C’s
recent OWL 2 RL standard.

BaseVISor 2.0 features a highly efficient forward-chaining inference engine,
optimized for ontological and rule-based reasoning.  Rules and facts are
compiled into a Rete network and processed with respect to specified
ontologies in order to generate all new inferable facts.  BaseVISor 2.0 can
be embedded into existing applications and extended to meet
application-specific requirements.

http://www.vistology.com/basevisor/ http://www.vistology.com/basevisor/ 

In comparison with other leading inference engines, BaseVISor 2.0 has been
demonstrated to be considerably faster in inference time and query time on
standard benchmarking datasets.

BaseVISor 2.0 Features:

OWL 2 RL Processing:  The axioms of OWL 2 RL provide scalable ontology-based
reasoning without sacrificing expressive power.

Rule and Query Support:  Queries and rules are compiled by BaseVISor and
executed at runtime.

User-Defined Functions: User defined procedural attachments can be invoked
from within a rule to perform a complex calculation, access a Web service or
execute new processes, complementing BaseVISor’s built-in functions..
Natively supports XML schema datatypes (XSD). 

User-Friendly Syntax: In addition to the native BVR syntax, BaseVISor 2.0’s
new N3-like syntax, called BoxTurtle, allows BaseVISor rules to be written
more succinctly in a non-XML language.  BaseVISor also supports an
Abbreviated XML syntax that is succinct and object-oriented in addition to
the standard BaseVISor XML-based rule syntax.

Rule Salience:  Enables the rule with the highest priority to be executed
first. Used when more than one rule is activated at the same time.

Inclusion Mechanism:  Provides a way for importing ontologies and rules from
the local file system or on the Web into BaseVISor.

BaseVISor Java API

The BaseVISor Java API provides the means for embedding BaseVISor within
your own Java application. 

The BaseVISor API provides all of the necessary methods and hooks for
reading rule and ontology files, building and processing Rete networks,
querying the fact base and implementing web services.

BaseVISor also supports a standalone runtime command line mode for deriving
inferences from fact sets and ontologies. 

BaseVISor 2.0 may also be deployed as a SOAP or RESTful Web Service. 


BaseVISor 2.0 can be licensed for academic and research use free of charge;
all other uses require a commercial license obtainable by contacting

About VIStology

VIStology is a software research and development corporation committed to
the innovative design and development of adaptive and semantically rich
information solutions.  VIStology’s technical expertise is in formal
semantics, information fusion, situation awareness, object-oriented modeling
& design, and artificial intelligence.  Since 1997, VIStology has led
numerous R&D projects funded through contracts with clients that include the

For more information, visit  http://www.vistology.com
http://www.vistology.com .

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