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OWL-S 1.1 Profile creation help

From: SandipBAPS Patel <sapatelbaps@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 12:13:13 +0530
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Respected Sir/Madam,

                    I am a student of engineering in “Information
Technology” at DDU University(Nadiad – India). Currently I am working on a
final year project which is indeed a research project of “Artificial
Intelligence”. In the project we are supposed to use *jUDDI registery*
and some reasoners for semantic based inference from it.  In that I want to
add semantics of web services in jUDDI for reasoning and inference. Mean, I
want to register the OWL-S profile of a web service in to jUDDI for
semantics input and for further use.

                    Now, while working on the project I am facing a problem
for using “OWL-S UDDI Matchmaker” developed by Carnegie Mallon University’s
CS Department which also provides matchmaking of OWL-S profile and the web
service. I am having error for registering an OWL-S profile.    *I can
register OWL-S 1.1 profile (sample “BravoAirProfile.owl” in owl-s 1.1
specification) in jUDDI using matchmaker, but having problem with other
version (1.2 etc.) and profiles created using OWL-S Editor (developed by
University Of Malta).*

*Ultimately, *which editor is to be used to generate the OWL-S profile which
can work with matchmaker api. Or surely owl-s 1.1 version of profile.

Please let me know if u have any solutions/ ideas /experience regarding this


Sandip A. Patel (sapatelbaps@gmail.com)
Received on Thursday, 13 January 2011 08:34:53 UTC

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