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RE: Annotations with OWL

From: Ibach, Brandon L <brandon.l.ibach@lmco.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 21:01:09 -0500
To: james.lapalme@videotron.ca, public-owl-dev@w3.org
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I don't know of any sort of established standard for how to do this and,
of course, it depends upon what you hope to do with the data in these
annotations, but here's an approach off the top of my head.
Create hasPrecision and hasAccuracy, both of type
owl:AnnotationProperty, and use them to attach your criteria to
something that represents the junction of the Article class and the
hasPrice property.  The owl:Restriction that establishes the cardinality
of hasPrice on Article should work.  Just place your hasPrecision and
hasAccuracy statements right alongside the owl:onProperty statement.  Do
the same for hasCost, then, as well.
Exactly how you model the values of these two annotation properties is
up to you, as it will depend completely on how you hope to use them in
your application.  The hasAccuracy property might be considered a more
complex specification, potentially involving different upper and lower
bounds for the range as well as a specification of units, unless the
unit is established by the property, such as hasPrice, itself.  For
that, you may even want to have the value of the annotation be an
individual with a set of properties to model all of the details.
Hope this helps...

-Brandon :)



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	I'm currently trying to model a domain with OWL.
	I would like to model quality dimension such as accuracy and
precision wihtin my model.

	For example :

	Given the following property definitions :

	property hasPrice of type float.
	property hasCost of type float.

	Given a class definition :

	class Article
	hasPrice exactly 1.
	hasCost exactly 1.

	I would like to expresse or even just document that the hasPrice
property of class Article must have a "Precision of 2 Digits" and have
an acccuracy of "+/- 10 canadian  cents".

	I would like to expresse or even just document that the hascost
property of class Article must have a "Precision of 4 Digits" and have
an acccuracy of "+/- 5 canadian cents".

	Thank you,

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