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RE: declaredAs

From: Turner, David <davidt@hp.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 11:52:40 +0100
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> >Thus the WG will take OWL 1.1 as an input, but, presumably, work to 
> >flesh out other OWL Full aspects (punning is, in fact, a 
> move in this 
> >direction).
> Not really. Im sure it was meant to have this intention, but 
> the effect of moving to punning is two-fold: it breaks the 
> OWL Full semantics, and it breaks the semantic connection 
> between OWL and RDF. 

I realise that this point has been elaborated on later in this thread,
but I wanted to express my general agreement with it anyway. Punning is
rather different from what OWL Full does, and you can observe this
difference via owl:sameAs:

ex:A owl:disjointWith ex:B .
ex:A owl:sameAs ex:B .
_:x rdf:type ex:A .

is syntactically invalid in OWL-1.0 DL, inconsistent in OWL-1.0 Full and
consistent in OWL-1.1 with punning (with thanks to Dave Reynolds)



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