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RE: Need your help for writing OWL based ontology/knowledge base.

From: Gerd Wagner <wagnerg@tu-cottbus.de>
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 12:04:31 +0200
To: "'jason'" <gingerons@gmail.com>, <public-owl-dev@w3.org>
Message-Id: <20051005100618.220195081FD@smtp2.TU-Cottbus.De>
You can do it by declaring subtopic to be transitive and
by using a rule such as
ObjectPropertyAtom( worksIn, ?x, ?y)
ObjectPropertyAtom( worksIn, ?x, ?z)
ObjectPropertyAtom( subtopic, ?z, ?y)
Such rules can be expressed in RuleML or in SWRL, but
you would have to find an inference tool for them.


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Subject: Need your help for writing OWL based ontology/knowledge base.


I got a problem when writing the OWL based ontology. But I do not find how
to solve it. I may need your help.

The problem is that:

I want to define tow class, For instance: owl:class Topic and owl:class

There are three instances of the Topic class, namely knowledgeDiscovery,
dataMining, textMining. 
three instance of the Research class, namely A, B, C, 

dataMining and textMining are subtopic of knowledgeDiscovery ..
A workIn knowledge discovery, B workIn dataMining, and C workIn textMining. 

Now, I have a query "SELECT ?Researcher WHERE ?Research workIn
I hope the three tuples will be extracted. They are "A workIn
knowledgeDiscovery", "B workIn knowledgDiscovery", and "C workIn

How can i define the subtopic relation in the knowledge base so that i can
get the above results. The subtopic relation is similar to the
rdfs:subClassOf. However, it works on the 
instances only.

Thanks for your reply

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