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Your Vision on OWL-compliant Software Availability

From: Hans Teijgeler <hans.teijgeler@quicknet.nl>
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 17:48:37 +0200
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Below I paint a vision, and I would like to hear from you whether this will
be possible: never - ever - 5years from now - soon - now
Assume three bodies of information that need to be integrated:
1) An Operations Manual for a particular type of compressor, written (in
general, for all instances of that compressor type) by the manufacturer
2) A Plant Startup Procedure for a particular plant (e.g. the ABC Refinery
of the XYZ Corporation) in which an instance of the above compressor class
plays a role
3) A Lifecycle Information Data Warehouse showing all structured lifecycle
information about earlier start-ups
No 1) now typically is a text document with pictures (made in Word or HTML).

No 2) now typically is a text document with procedures, and at best
workflow-based (In the nineties we wrote such software in SGML, with precise
calls to documents and data)
No 3) can be made available by us "soon" (assuming proper funding, we are
working on that). It will be OWL(Full)-compliant, with a vocabulary of some
20,000 classes (ISO 15926-4 for insiders)
A future 4) will be for realtime data on process variables (temperatures,
pressures, flows, vibration, etc). I left it out in order not to make life
too complicated for this question.
My questions to you are:

*	General: Is this vision realistic at all, or did I totally
misunderstand the vision of the Semantic Web painted by Tim Berners-Lee et
*	re:1) Is there commercial "visual editor" software in the pipeline
(never - ever - 5years from now - soon - now) that can give this familiar
presentation and yet have RDF-OWL links (Annotea-like?) to the other two
bodies of information? Mind you, the manufacturer would write it for all his
customers, and will use some domain-specific Vocabulary.
*	re:2) Is there commercial "visual editor" OWL-compliant workflow
software in the pipeline? (never - ever - 5years from now - soon - now)
*	re:3) Is there commercial OWL-compliant query software in the
pipeline? (never - ever - 5years from now - soon - now)

We need this information in order to be able to make a long-term planning.
I would welcome more than one response!
Hans Teijgeler
co-author of ISO 15926-2 <http://www.infowebml.ws/ECM4.5/ECM4.5.html> 
author of ISO 15926-7
website www.InfowebML.ws <http://www.infowebml.ws/> 
e-mail hans.teijgeler@quicknet.nl
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