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OWL 2 Document comments

From: Peter E. Midford <peteremidford@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 23:20:26 -0600
Message-Id: <2B311177-8BDC-425B-B92F-CDF893EAB7B5@yahoo.com>
To: public-owl-comments@w3.org
I reviewed two pieces of the OWL 2 Document set: the New Features and  
Rationale and the Quick Reference Guide.  I did not find any issues in  
the Quick Reference Guide, but a number of issues in the New Features  
and Rationale document.  I checked these against the Wiki version as  
of approximate 0400UT on 23 Jan.

Comments: Overall this document needs to be spell checked - there were  
a lot of obvious spelling problems, which I won't waste space listing  
here.  There were several other problems:

Section 1 "two synthetic tables resume the links between the use  
cases" - I found this unusual usage.  Perhaps change to "two tables  
establish links between use cases and requirements and examples  

Section 2 "extended annotation capabilities, database style keys" -  
This appears at the end of a list - either change this to an  
enumeration with a colon after 'w.r.t.' or change the comma after  
capabilities to 'and.'

2.1.1 F1 "This feature has been required as a shortcoming given..." -  
Perhaps change to "This feature addresses the shortcoming exposed by  
the common use of such statements..."

2.1.2 F2 Example  - "Note: The FMA exhibit a huge number..." - change  
to exhibits

2.2.2 F5: Theoretical Perspective - "It was known from a long time  
that resulting logic is decidable" - Perhaps change to "It has been  
know for a long time that the result logic is decidable..."

Implementation Perspective - "QCRs do not pose implementation problem  
either." - Change to "an implementation problem." or "implementation  
problems either."

2.2.3 F6 "Thus as illustrated by many use cases new charactersitics of  
properties, Reflexivity, Irreflexivity, Asymmetry, is a strong  
requirement."  Perhaps change to "Thus, many use cases illustrate the  
desirability for adding Reflexivity, Irreflexivity, and Asymmetry as  
characteristics of properties."

2.2.6 F9: Key Example:
HasKey( a:Transplantation a:donorId
a:recepientId a: ofOrgan )
A space seems to have been introduced into a: ofOrgan.

2.4.1 F12: Punning

"...annotation value "C. Welty" by the annotation property creator,  
and with the value 1994 by the annotation property year)."  The final  
close parenthesis appears to be unmatched.

UML Design example - The comment starting: "The same term  
a:PersonCompany..." is in the same monospace font as the example data,  
rather than the bold font used for comments.

Theoretical Perspective - "On the opposite, OWL full did not impose  
this resctriction, but the style of metamodelling adopted in OWL full  
led to undecidability." - "On the opposite" is not a common idiom,  
perhaps "On the other hand..." or "In contrast..."

Use Case #1- "Providing anatomical landmarks, especially in eloquent  
cortex, is highly important for surgery."  I don't know what is meant  
by 'eloquent cortex.'

Use Case #2 - Dangling period in - "...aligning existing and emerging  
ontologies in bioinformatics... . Anatomy

Use Case #18 - The first paragraph is confusing - the second paragraph  
explains the scientific purpose of virtual observatories, maybe just  
move the first paragraph, which seems to list the components of a  
virtual observatory, after the second paragraph.

Hope these are helpful,


Peter Midford
Phenoscape Ontology Curator
Received on Friday, 23 January 2009 08:27:52 UTC

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