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REL: OWL 2 Implementation report

From: Pan, Dr Jeff Z. <jeff.z.pan@abdn.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2009 14:08:31 +0100
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** OWL 2 Implementation report

Yuan Ren (University of Aberdeen)
Jeff Pan (University of Aberdeen)
Yuting Zhao (University of Aberdeen)

* System



The core of REL is an experimental implementation of OWL 2 EL based on an optimized completion-based reasoning algorithm. REL provides efficient TBox reasoning for OWL 2 EL and OWL 2 DL (via approximation), as well as conjunctive query answering services for (regular) OWL 2 EL ontologies.

* Profile

OWL 2 EL, OWL2 DL (via soundness preserving approximation)

OWL 2 EL is dedicated for TBox reasoning and has been widely used in large-scale real world ontologies. This profile is also suited to our long-term objective of appreciative reasoning for OWL 2 DL as a target profile.

* Semantics

Direct semantics.

REL is based on reasoning algorithm of Description Logic EL+ and EL++ thus it conforms to the direct model-theoretic semantics.

* Conformance

We believe the system to be conforms to the OWL 2 Candidate Recommendation, for major reasoning services.

We have tested on the OWL 2 EL Profile test cases and passed many of them. The unfinished results are due to the lack of support for features such as data properties, annotations, etc at the moment. We will work on the OWL 2 DL test cases soon.

We are planning to extend the implementation to support:
Data property
Self restriction
Reflexive Object Property

* At risk features

We do support rdf:XMLLiteral and believe it should NOT be removed.

We do not support owl:rational and would be happy to see it removed.

* Ready to proceed to Recommendation?

We see no fundamental problems with proceeding to Rec.

The University of Aberdeen is a charity registered in Scotland, No SC013683.
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