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How to retrieve conversation parents?

From: Mikael Nordfeldth <mmn@hethane.se>
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2012 10:58:22 +0200
Message-ID: <5052F1AE.4020506@hethane.se>
To: public-ostatus@w3.org
Using StatusNet as a federated service I have on several occasions seen 
partial conversations where users I subscribe to are discussing things 
users whose posts haven't reached the instance I am on.

I am curious how this should best be solved within the scope of OStatus. 
The element thr:in-reply-to is of course an important part of this, but 
I see no obvious way to actually fetch the contents of its referenced 
post. The in-reply-to ID is not necessarily a URL either, so fetching it 
straight-up with HTTP[S] is not a reliable solution.

SHOULD an OStatus PuSH feed specify an API end-point where one can 
retrieve posts by atom:id, for example the one in thr:in-reply-to?

Or have I missed something in the specification that solves this?

Mikael Nordfeldth
Webfinger: mmn@freesocial.org
Received on Friday, 14 September 2012 16:33:07 UTC

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