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Work on Charter

From: Roger Cutler <rogercutler@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 11:34:49 -0600
Message-ID: <CAMU31A6sX-Yu=kTRbOfgpPoPwoqP1hEDAhdUeCFt0Q1v_6j-RA@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-oilgaschem@w3.org, oilgastemp2011@w3.org
After a series of offline emails discussing what it's appropriate to do in
the current "semi-born" state of this working group, we've decided to start
working on a charter for the group.  We'll do this on the public-oilgaschem
email group, so if you are interested and haven't subscribed yet, just send
an email to public-oilgaschem-request@w3.org with the subject "subscribe".
This will be the last announcement on the oilgastemp2011 email group.

Please remember that both of these email groups are publicly viewable, so
it may not be appropriate to enter into detailed technical discussions.  We
think that a typical charter, however, tends to be rather high level, and
although we might want to explore some use cases as examples, we probably
will want to keep this informational and defer attempts to prioritize them
or make agreements about how to proceed.  Anticipating a bit how we think
this charter is going to look, some of the deliverables of the group are
likely to be reports to the W3C which are, when finalized, made public.  We
understand, however, that before this happens some of our corporate members
will have to run these documents through processes involving organizations
like corporate public affairs, legal, technology company management and so
on.   We think, however, that we can work on a charter without getting into
this kind of territory.  Obviously if some aspects of the discussion make
anyone uncomfortable you need to speak up and point out the potential
problem.  Obviously we are pretty much feeling our way through this
process, being the first example of a Business Group.  Suggestions will be

I have volunteered to start out in the editor function because I have more
experience than many of you in how the W3C works and I've been pretty
actively involved in the formation of this group.  However, I anticipate
that it's very likely we will want to hand this function over to someone
else pretty soon.
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