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FW: Meet With E&P CIOs, IT, IM/KM decision-makers at Digital E&P

From: Chum, Frank Y <FChum@chevron.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 09:24:47 -0700
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This should be a good meeting…


From: Brooke Kenna [mailto:brooke.kenna@wbresearch.com] 
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To: Chum, Frank Y
Subject: Meet With E&P CIOs, IT, IM/KM decision-makers at Digital E&P





November 10-11, 2009
JW Marriott, Houston, TX 
www.digitaleandp.com <http://cl.exct.net/?ju=fe20167472630c7e771d75&ls=fe011c72776c067d75117076&m=ff3413707164&l=fe6015767463017f741c&s=fe0315747065067f74127170&jb=ffcf14&t=> 


View The Conference Agenda <http://cl.exct.net/?ju=fe1d167472630c7e771d78&ls=fe011c72776c067d75117076&m=ff3413707164&l=fe6015767463017f741c&s=fe0315747065067f74127170&jb=ffcf14&t=> 


Request The Current Attendee List <mailto:brooke.kenna@wbresearch.com?subject=Request%20the%20current%20Digital%20E&P%20attendee%20list> 


View The Speaker Faculty <http://cl.exct.net/?ju=fe1c167472630c7e771d79&ls=fe011c72776c067d75117076&m=ff3413707164&l=fe6015767463017f741c&s=fe0315747065067f74127170&jb=ffcf14&t=> 

Frank Chum

Oil and Gas executives face enormous challenges with regards to size of projects, their risks, technical complexity, market volatility and geopolitical uncertainty. Key decisions need to reflect a fundamental strategic outlook. Consequently, Data Management Executives are preparing their data and IT systems to ensure they are armed with the right technology, tools and processes to gain maximum profits.

If you offer strategies and technologies around data/information issues ranging from data integration to mapping technologies to knowledge capture and preservation, you can't afford to miss out on the opportunity to learn more about how Digital E&P can help your company increase new business sales, and retain and grow existing clients.

Contact// Brooke Kenna @ 646.200.7546 or brooke.kenna@wbresearch.com <mailto:brooke.kenna@wbresearch.com> 

A Selection of 2009 Confirmed Speakers Includes...

*	Doug Gregory, Team Leader, Earth Sciences IM (Information Management), Chevron Energy Technology Company 
*	Gabrielle Costigan, Global Manager, Program Management Office IS (Information Systems), OMV 
*	Tim Crowder, BusinessAnalyst, Formely of BHP Billiton 
*	Roger Cutler, Research Consultant In The Emerging Technology Group For The Technology Management And Architecture Department, Chevron Information Technology Company 
*	Trudy Curtis, CEO, PPDM 
*	Tom Koscelny, Quality Control Manager, Samson Oil and Gas 
*	Jim Kochan, Knowledge Management Consultant, ConocoPhillips 
*	Ron Cramer, Senior Advisor, Shell 
*	Paul Hunt, VP Exploration, Denali Oil & Gas 
*	Arif Mustafa, CIO, BP North American Gas 
*	Paul Stone, IT Director, CTO Office, BP 
*	David Marshall, Information and Technology Architect, Chevron Global Upstream 
*	Francisco Ortigosa, Director of Geophysics, Repsol

Contact// Brooke Kenna @ 646.200.7546 or brooke.kenna@wbresearch.com <mailto:brooke.kenna@wbresearch.com>  to learn more about Digital E&P's speaking and sponsorship opportunities.

Here's what our attendees had to say about Digital E&P: 

"The industry panels at Digital E&P were one of the best I’ve ever seen across conferences."
- Charles White, Senior KM Architect, NASA JPL

"This event was an excellent networking opportunity to face industry peers and service providers. I’m already in a business dialog with two companies as a result of the conference – this would likely not have happened had I not attended Digital E&P." 
- Gary Thielmier, Manager, Information Technology, Cobalt International Energy

"There were key observations in Digital E&P that had not emerged in other conferences. The format allowed the evolution of questions and ideas that were not thought of before. I have to say it was a very valuable forum."
- Don Paul, Former VP Technology of Chevron & Managing Director, Energy & Technology Strategies 

2009 Confirmed Sponsors//


Contact// Brooke Kenna @ 646.200.7546 or brooke.kenna@wbresearch.com <mailto:brooke.kenna@wbresearch.com>  to learn more about Digital E&P's speaking and sponsorship opportunities.




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