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RE: Proposal for new Common Vocab term: License

From: Jeff Sedlik - PLUS <js@usePLUS.org>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 01:16:57 -0800
To: "'Renato Iannella'" <ri@semanticidentity.com>, "'Lucinda Lewis'" <cindy.lewis@me.com>, "'Myles, Stuart'" <SMyles@ap.org>
Cc: <public-odrl@w3.org>
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As I understand it, under your proposal, the action “License” would be used
only to represent a situation in which an Assignor permits an Assignee to
act as an Assignor (Licensor).  

In other words, the Assignee of a “License” action would be entitled to
grant rights to others, but would not be entitled to make use (copy, derive,
distribute, modify, etc) of the asset unless other Actions (copy, derive,
distribute, modify, etc) were also expressed to permit such usage by the
Assignee.  ODRL is in need of an action allowing for the expression of the
‘right to license’ (as differentiated from the ‘right to use’) and I
understand your proposal to satisfy that need.  

It is possible that some users will misunderstand this License action to
represent the right to use the asset, rather than the right to act to permit
others to use the asset. This should be further disambiguated in the

I agree with Stuart that the use of the phrase “any use” might be
misconstrued.  I would like to retain the word “grant” or “granting” in the
definition if possible, as this assists in understanding the term.  Perhaps

“The act of granting the right to use the asset.”

Jeff Sedlik

From: Lucinda Lewis [mailto:cindy.lewis@me.com] 
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2013 9:39 PM
To: Myles, Stuart
Cc: Renato Iannella; public-odrl@w3.org Group
Subject: Re: Proposal for new Common Vocab term: License


My understanding is that a license grants a permission subject to certain

Perhaps I'm misreading Renato's comment, but couldn't you get to the
granularity of the AP license examples through other tags?

Said another way, wouldn't it be possible for the AP to grant a license to
reproduce a photo for a specific duration on a specific website through
existing constraints?

What would such a license look like?


On Feb 25, 2013, at 9:24 AM, "Myles, Stuart" <SMyles@ap.org> wrote:

Hi Renato,
I support the addition of a “license” Action.
However, can I suggest a slightly different definition? Perhaps:
The act of permitting the use of the asset.
For example, the AP licenses photos for use by newspapers, magazines or
websites. This means that those newspapers, magazines or websites are
allowed to use the licensed photo as part of their news report (for
example). It doesn’t mean that the AP has sold anyone else the photo. On the
other hand, it isn’t the case that the AP grants *any* use of the photo.
There could be restrictions involved (e.g. only on websites, not as part of
mobile apps, for example) or duties (e.g. mandatory credit of the original
photographer, if AP is licensing this photo on behalf of someone else).

From: Renato Iannella [mailto:ri@semanticidentity.com] 
Sent: Sunday, February 24, 2013 5:47 AM
To: public-odrl@w3.org Group
Subject: Proposal for new Common Vocab term: License
I have had a few requests for a general "license" term to be added to the
Action vocabulary.
In essence, "license" allows the assignee to grant any use of the asset,
including sub-licensing.
Identifier: license
Semantics: The act of granting any use of the asset
Comment: The use of Next Policy is recommended for downstream third-party
Renato Iannella
Semantic Identity
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