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RE: [webcomponents] Inheritance in Custom Elements (Was Proposal for Cross Origin Use Case and Declarative Syntax)

From: Domenic Denicola <domenic@domenicdenicola.com>
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2013 00:46:59 +0000
To: Dominic Cooney <dominicc@google.com>
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From: Dominic Cooney [mailto:dominicc@google.com] 

> If someone were to make proposals about adding more hooks to the web platform to enable more subtyping use cases (for example, a protocol for participating in form submission) I would look forward to working with them on those proposals.

I am very interested  in such proposals and I think others are as well. We run into the usual time-budget issues, but if we can find someone who is willing to champion a particular cause (like form submission) I would be very willing to help that champion work through designs and shepherd them through the process.

CC'ing public-nextweb as this is the sort of stuff we love over there.
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