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Web and Broadcasting Business Group Proposed

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Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2012 16:12:12 -0400
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The Web and Broadcasting Business Group has been proposed:


The aim of the Web and Broadcasting Business Group is to study and
clarify the influence of Open Web Platform on the professional world of
broadcasting, and to help stakeholders within the broadcasting industry
to build good and practical understanding on the standardization
processes in W3C with the chair-to-chair communication mechanism built
into business groups. The business group will create monthly or
bi-monthly report to summarize their study on the influence and share
the reports internally. Detailed discussion and analysis on the use
cases in this area should be done in the Web and TV Interest Group, so
the business group will not deal with those items to avoid scope
overlap. However, fruitful collaborative works may happen as a result of
the chair-to-chair communication between these two groups.


You are invited to support the creation of this group:

Once the group has a total of five supporters, W3C launch the group
and people can join to begin work.

In order to join the group, you will need a W3C account. To request one:

If you believe that there is an issue with this group that requires
the attention of the W3C staff, please send us email on

Thank you,
W3C Community Development Team
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