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ideas for tests

From: Kai Hendry <hendry@aplix.co.jp>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 10:06:26 +0100
Message-ID: <b24851260904240206q24bbbd94q5b189202acedf9e4@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-mwts <public-mwts@w3.org>
We could make the canvas test a little better, as we find that canvas
only really becomes useful when you have effects like alpha blending.

Philip Taylor said we could use his test. :-) His test suites are
pretty amazing: http://philip.html5.org/tests

I'm a little suspicious some mobile browsers are cheating onload and
firing it earlier than they should. I made a test that fails on
PocketIE, which isn't too difficult. Anyone else think this could be
test idea worth pursuing?

Since offline storage is so important on mobiles, I was thinking we
should perhaps think about a Web storage test.

Microsoft have some already.

As for the mutation test. After some thought, I guess we should leave
it as it is, even though it's a very hard one.

Kind regards,
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