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Fwd: Rich v. Poor Country ICT Statistics and Charts Online

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Very interesting statistics
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Sujet: [mDevelopment] Rich v. Poor Country ICT Statistics and Charts Online
Date : 17 Sep 2010 00:27:09 +0200
De : Richard Heeks <richard.heeks@manchester.ac.uk>
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Worldwide mobile, Internet and broadband data for 1998-2009 is now 
available online at: http://ict4dblog.wordpress.com/tag/ict4d-statistics/

Based on ITU data, this provides a compiled and cleaned-up spreadsheet 
of data; charts comparing technology penetration levels in countries 
grouped by income; 'digital gap' charts comparing richest vs. poorest 
countries; and 'digital lag' data showing how many years behind the 
richest countries are the poorest countries.

Other items available at - 
http://ict4dblog.wordpress.com/tag/ict4d-statistics/ - include Google 
motion chart visualisations of mobile and broadband data over time, and 
data on worldwide ICT4D expenditure and the Indian IT sector.

To subscribe to the blog, visit: http://ict4dblog.wordpress.com/feed/

For source data, visit: 

Richard Heeks
Director, Centre for Development Informatics
University of Manchester, UK

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