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Re: Partnership for scholarly publications in mHealth

From: Prof. I Kushchu <ik@mgovernment.org>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 01:21:36 +0100
Cc: <public-mw4d@w3.org>
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To: atanu@srijan.in, Adesina Iluyemi <Adesina.Iluyemi@port.ac.uk>
dear atanu
Thank you for your post..  I dont know if you are aware of mobile life  
conferences. www.m4life.org.  anumber mobile health related papers  
have appeared at the, mobile government conferences since 2005. you  
are right the quality and quantity of the output in this field deserve  
much better.

this year we are palnning to have a special session on mobile health  
at the mlife conferences to value the work in the area better.

as conference organisers and publishers, we  will be very happy to  
support any initiatives. if you or other colleagues in this list are  
willing to be part of a mobile health session, please let me know. the  
conference is in october in the UK. please refer to www.m4life.org for  

best wishes

Associate Professor and Founding Director,
Mobile Government Consortium International, UK
+44 1273 327876
visit mLife Conferences www.m4life.org
           mDevlet Konferansi www.mdevlet.org (Turkish)

On 23 Jun 2010, at 06:03, Atanu Garai wrote:

> Dear All,
> mHealth as an emerging research and practice area within the broader  
> context of public health is gaining attentions from academicians,  
> researchers and practitioners. During our research on this issue, we  
> found limited number of scholarly literature like papers published  
> in peer-reviewed journals in this area. We also found that mHealth  
> is inherently multidisciplinary - for example, the health behavior  
> communication aspect of mHealth is based on communication,  
> behavioral sciences and knowledge management; health delivery aspect  
> is based on health management, diagnosis and treatment aspect is  
> dependent on medical sciences and biomedical engineering and mHealth  
> technology is dependent on information systems and computing.
> To further research and scientific discussion, mHealth will require  
> appropriate platforms that will allow people from different  
> backgrounds and experiences share their research in scholarly  
> publications. We are looking for ideas, partnerships and resources  
> to make this happen and take this forward. Please reply with your  
> interest directly to me or through MW4D group.
> Best,
> Atanu
> --
> Atanu Garai
> Sr. Business Analyst
> Srijan Technologies
> W: www.srijan.in
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