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Registrations Open: EURO mGOV, mSOCIETY and mDEVELOPMENT 2010

From: Prof. I. Kushchu <ik@mgovernment.org>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 16:06:58 +0100
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Dear Colleagues

Online registration for the mLife Events is now open. We are aiming to
bring together business academia and third sector to discuss the role
of mobility in improving our lives - economical, business or personal.

We are still accepting one page practice talk proposals. If you wish
to speak at the mLife Events please do send in your proposal.

Please visit http://www.m4life.org/  or see below for more.

Best wishes,

----  Apologies for X postings  ----


NEW CONFERENCE DATES: 27-28-29 October 2010

The Grand Hotel, Brighton, UK,
http://www.m4life.org  conf@m4life.org

  ***   Practice submissions are open  ****

-- The 5th European Conference on Mobile Government (The EURO mGOV 2010)
-- The 3rd International Conference on Mobile Society (mSOCIETY 2010)
-- The 2nd Int. Conference on Mobile Development (mDevelopment 2010)

mLife Events:  Social Implications of Mobility for Organizations in the
Mobile Value Chain

The mLife 2010  key plenary speakers:

   -- Serge Ferre, NOKIA, Vice President Corporate and Head of EU
   -- Jane Fountain, Professor of Political Science and Public Policy  
Director, National Center for Digital Government (ncdg.org) Director,
Science, Technology and Society Initiative (umass.edu/sts)
  -- Dorothy Gordon, Director-General, Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of
Excellence in ICT
  --  William H. Dutton, Professor and Director of the Oxford Internet
Institute, Professor of Internet Studies, University of Oxford, and  
of Balliol College
  -- ibrahim Kushchu, Associate Prof. and Founding Director, mGCI, UK
  -- Rain Rannu, Founder at Fortumo Ltd, Estonia
  -- Roland Traunmüller, Professor Emeritus, the Institute for  
in Business and Government at Linz University, Austria.

The influences of mobile technologies range from personal relations to
interaction in society, and from the transformation of the public  
sector to
the dynamics of economic development. mLife conference and exhibitions  
prime events for all organizations and professionals who would like to
monitor, take part in, and shape the development of the social impact  
of the
mobile revolution. They provide opportunities to businesses, public  
organizations and researchers to explore the frontiers of the social  
revolution and be informed in order to reach their goals. The three
conferences will cover all aspects of mobile life, technology, services,
implementation as they relate to individuals, society, economies and

Please refer to the Conference web site (http://www.m4life.org) for
updates, detailed
information on submissions and participation.

Also, looking forward to your contributions of proposals for panels,
workshops, and demos

mLife Conferences
Mobile Government Consortium International, UK

+44 1273 327876
Associate Professor and Founding Director,
Mobile Government Consortium International, UK
  +44 1273 327876

- Visit mLife Conferences http://www.m4life.org
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