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Sujet : 	New Nokia phones to Emerging Markets and more...
Date : 	Wed, 4 Nov 2009 10:32:17 +0200
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NOKIA PRESS RELEASE November 4, 2009

*Nokia launches five new affordable mobile phones and Nokia Life Tools
in Indonesia*

Jakarta, Indonesia -  Nokia Life Tools, the service which gives
consumers in small towns and rural areas the ability to get a range of
livelihood and life-improvement services on their mobile phones, will
launch in Indonesia in early December 2009. Nokia also announced five
new affordable and easy-to-use phones which will support Nokia Life
Tools, and these phones will also be available globally.

"Following the successful launch of Nokia Life Tools in India, where
people are getting the benefits of vital information sent directly to
their mobile phones, we are pleased to bring this service to consumers
in Indonesia," said Dieter May, Vice President, Emerging Markets,
Nokia.  "Inform, Involve, Empower - the vision of Nokia Life Tools -
applies no matter where it's implemented. With the number of devices
that Nokia Life Tools supports, including the five new phones we are
announcing today, we are giving people the solution that suits them the

*Five new mobile phones designed for consumers in emerging markets*

With affordability and ease of use as the cornerstones of solutions for
emerging markets, the five new Nokia phones - Nokia 1280, Nokia 1616,
Nokia 1800, Nokia 2220 slide and Nokia 2690 - support Nokia Life Tools,
and bring with them all the features that consumers around the world
have come to expect.

Priced at EUR 20, EUR 24 and EUR 26 respectively (before taxes and
subsidies), the Nokia 1280, Nokia 1616 and Nokia 1800 support FM radio,
prepaid tracker, flashlight, anti-scratch cover and dust-resistant
keymat, among other features. The long battery life, with up to 22 days
of standby time, is vital for people in areas where access to
electricity is limited.

Nokia 1280                      Nokia 1616                     Nokia 1800

The Nokia 2220 slide and the Nokia 2690, priced at EUR 45 and EUR 54
(before taxes and subsidies), also support email on the device through
Ovi Mail, giving people in developing markets their first digital
identity directly from their handsets. Ovi Mail accounts can be created
on the device and people can start sending and receiving emails without
ever needing a PC. Other device features include FM radio, VGA camera,
GPRS and MMS support, phone books for up to 1,000 contacts, and
Bluetooth. Standby times for the Nokia 2220 slide and Nokia 2690 are
about 20 days and 13 days respectively.

Nokia 2220 slide              Nokia 2690

The first of the five new mobile phones will begin shipping before the
end of 2009, with others expected to start shipping in the first half of

*Nokia Life Tools in Indonesia*

Nokia Life Tools will be available across Indonesia from early December
2009, with the Agriculture service available for Java and Sumatra at the
first stage, and Education and Entertainment services available nation-wide.

Consumers will be able to subscribe to Agriculture, Education and
Entertainment information and content. Nokia is collaborating with the
Ministry of Agriculture (Departemen Pertanian Republik Indonesia), the
Center of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG), Synovate and
other industry partners to bring valuable agriculture information,
prices, news and tips directly to consumers.

The Agriculture service will be available for commodities beginning with
crops, livestock, horticulture and fisheries. Consumers will be able to
subscribe to three of the most commonly grown commodities in their
region. Also included in the Agriculture component are weather services,
price services, and frequent agriculture news and tips.

The Education service features Learn English, General Knowledge and Test
Preparation. Learn English has three levels of expertise with focus on
English language fundamentals. General Knowledge will be primarily
related to the province where one lives, as well as containing
information at the national and international levels. Test Preparation
will offer services at the Junior High School and Senior High School

The Entertainment service features a range of mobile entertainment
content, including news, music, comics, jokes, astrology, movie news and
reviews. The content will be available to consumers via subscription
and/or on-demand.

At launch, customers of Telkomsel, Indosat, XL and Hutch (3) will be
able to subscribe to Nokia Life Tools services. Nokia Life Tools will
first be available on the Nokia 2323 classic, Nokia 2330 classic and
Nokia 2700 classic in Indonesia. Aside from the 11 handsets which will
come pre-loaded with Nokia Life Tools, the service will become
downloadable on more phones later.

Nokia Life Tools services use an icon-based, graphically rich user
interface that comes complete with tables and which displays information
simultaneously in two languages. Behind this rich interface that comes
out of the box on all Life Tools-enabled handsets, SMS is used to
deliver the critical information to ensure that this service works
wherever a mobile phone works, without the hassles of additional
settings or the need for GPRS coverage.

More information about Nokia Life Tools in Indonesia can be found at
www.nokia.co.id/nokialifetools <http://www.nokia.co.id/nokialifetools>.

*About Nokia*
Nokia is a pioneer in mobile telecommunications and the world's leading
maker of mobile devices. Today, we are connecting people in new and
different ways - fusing advanced mobile technology with personalized
services to enable people to stay close to what matters to them. We also
provide comprehensive digital map information through NAVTEQ; and
equipment, solutions and services for communications networks through
Nokia Siemens Networks.

*Media Enquiries:*

Tel. +358 7180 34900
Email: press.services@nokia.com

www.nokia.com <http://www.nokia.com/>

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