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RE: WEB-server in a Mobile Phone...

From: Arun Kumar <kkarun@in.ibm.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 17:57:05 +0530
To: <Lauri.K.Hirvonen@nokia.com>
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Hi All,

I shall not be able to join today's call. Please accept my apologies. Will
catch up over email discussion and through the meeting minutes.

thanks and regards
Arun Kumar

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             07/06/2009 04:06          RE: WEB-server in a Mobile Phone... 

Good question, Stephane

I don't know as the Mobile
Phone with Mobile Web Server application
was configured before I got it to my hand
to test it.

I have to ask it. This might take
some time, as now in Finland there
is the summer vacation period when
most of the Nokia people in Finland
are enjoying their vacation. Vacation
is normally 4 weeks long.

BTW. I will depart for my vacation
17th July and back to office 10th August.

Br. Lauri

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>Subject: Re: WEB-server in a Mobile Phone...
>Hi Lauri,
>thanks for the info.
>one question:
>> I have been using this application for testing purposes and it did
>> work fine. (I used it to share my pictures in my mobile
>phone to other
>> users. So others could look my pictures from other devices using
>> web-browser in their device to access my pictures.)
>which ip or domain name yours colleagues are using for your phone ?
>do you get a fixed ip based on your simcard from your net ops ?
>can you use something like dyndns ?
>> Br. Lauri
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