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ownership and financing for MW4SD

From: Chevrollier, N.G. (Nicolas) <nicolas.chevrollier@tno.nl>
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 21:15:40 +0100
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Dear all, 

In line with what was discussed during our last confcall, it could be
interesting to look more in-depth into non-technical factors that make
an MW4SD innovation sustainable (reaching social impact, financially
sustainable, environmental friendly). 

Few questions that come to my mind and where surely the people on the
list could contribute to:

1- For an innovation to be adopted a sense of ownership has to be
created both in the development community and by the end-users. How this
is done for MW4SD applications/services? Do the developers co-create
with the end-users? How the MW4SD incubators work in Africa or Latin
America? When multinationals and organizations outside of emerging
regions are involved, what type of partnership is used?

2- What are the models of financing MW4SD applications/services? There
are some well-know examples (e.g, mobile banking) but what about MW4SD
applications/services in the health, education or agriculture sectors?
What makes them financially sustainable? Other sectors (energy) have
studies on market-based approaches at the base of the pyramid for
instance. See the Tuesday keynote speakers of this conference
(http://www.bopimpact.nl/Impact_of_BoP_Ventures/Downloads.html,) we
co-organized in November. This is one possible approach. What about in
the MW4SD arena?

Great if we could exchange on these points in the new year to come!



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