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WWW2009 track info request

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Hey all

The track we had in Banff was "The application of mobile technology/mobile
web in developing countries" or something similar.

The track below sounds a little different. It might be good to try for
another one similar to Banff, which was very interesting.



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      There is indeed a track on "User Interfaces and Mobile
Web" (http://www2009.org/calls/userinterface.html). It this different from
what you were referring to ?

thanks and regards
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as per the request to me at the teleconf
I approached Dan A about whether there was
a plan for a widgets & mobile web "track" at www2009

the answer is "no, but"...
it *is* on the proposed topic list for "mobile & emerging apps"
but it is *not* planned as a whole track

Dan recommends that Marie-Claire be contacted about this issue


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