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RE: [Fwd: Build a Mobile Friendly Site using your Mobile]

From: <Lauri.K.Hirvonen@nokia.com>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 00:34:41 +0300
Message-ID: <E492B65354B30C48BD872C8A2895A6A305307696@esebe101.NOE.Nokia.com>
To: <hendry@iki.fi>
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Hello Kai and others

Prashanth (CEO of Akmin) did wrote (at least to me):

"Please note that this is just a preview. We expect to launch the mobile
edition by August 18, 2008." 

So that was a "video teaser". Let's wait to the launch of the
MobileSiteGalore Mobile edition
to have a real try with it.

I have been using their current MobileSiteGalore, which you can use on
your PC (notebook).
It works fine. I made my first Mobile Web-site just in 10 minutes with

Also it is fair to note, the current PC version of MobileSiteGalore is
simple site creation. Something that private and small business service
needs. It is not for corporate high level mobile web-site creation.

But I feel strongly, this is what developing country users needs. To
create and update
mobile WEB-site using only their mobile phone.

Note also, that Akmin is providing hosting for the site created with
their tool.
Free for few months. After that you have to move the service to your own
site or
pay a fee to Akmin, that they continue to host it.

Hosting needs PC or other server. (Unless you use the Nokia application,
allows to use your Nokia mobile phone as WEB-server. I wait to get the
real Akmin tool to test, if this is possible.)
Br. Lauri

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>On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 2:18 PM,  <Lauri.K.Hirvonen@nokia.com> wrote:
>> This is something we have been waiting for long time as this means, 
>> you can now create mobile service just using your mobile 
>phone. No PC 
>> needed any more for this.
>Aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves?
>For me as a Web developer, watching their demo was like 
>hearing chalk screech on a black board. :)
>I think it's too early to consider the Web will be created 
>meaningfully from a mobile device. Editing from something like 
>a EEEPC will go much further in the short term.
>Kind regards,
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