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framework structure proposal

From: Stephane Boyera <boyera@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 04:50:54 +0200
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as promised, here is a first shot of a potential set of questions to 
consider to define the framework in which this group is working.
I propose that we develop this framework in an iterative way. Let's 
first agree and the different section, and then consider each section in 
a another round.
So here my proposal which is here mostly to foster discussions.
I try for each section to give my view of its content.

1- Vision
What is the vision behind this group.
My view is the following
It is quite obvious that mobile phone are in the field already, in the 
pocket of lots of people, and also accessible to lots of others who 
don't own one.
However, for now they are mostly considered and used as phone, and not 
as an ICT platform on which services could be deployed.
But the proof-of-concept has been already demonstrated with all the 
success stories we heard about about m-banking, agriculture services...
So the potential is clearly here, it has been demonstrated, but how can 
we move to the next stage where it will be as easy to develop and deploy 
new content or applications on mobile phones as it is e.g. today to do 
it on the Web.

2- Targets
Here it is important to summarize the discussions we had on the 
mailing-list on the fact that each developing countries have all the 
different segments of the society from the very healthy one
which have similar way of living and expectation than any westerners, 
till the rural poor or underprivileged.
That said, talking about social and economic development, it concerns 
more rural poor communities and under-privileged populations for which 
specific services might improve their lives, and my opinion
is that this should be the segment we target.

3- Stakeholders
What should be the participants in this group, why they should be 
involved (what they would bring to the group) and why they would be 
interested to join (what they could take out of the group work)
International Organization
Mobile Industry
Academics (from developing and developed regions)
Government Representatives
Entrepreneurship specialist

other suggestions ?

3- Goals

a- Identify the current practices, potential and issues/challenges in 
deploying applications for social and economic development on mobile phones.
We may want to structure this part in different topics we mentionned in 
the teleconference:
	- existing ways to deploy content, domain of applicability, and issues
	- network aspect
Here again we would need to identify the different ways of deploying 
content, and define a methodology to analyse each in an homogeneous way. 
but this could be refined in the next round of discussion.
what are the specific challenges and issues to make relevant, usable and 
useful applications for the targeted users
	- HCI: targeting people without past ict experience and without 
technological background have surely implications on the way design 
interface and interaction
	what are the existing issues and potential solutions.
	- illiteracy: what is the problem ? what are the goals here ?...
	- internationalization: same here
	- type of applications:we might want to explore what are the major 
domains or areas where services will be most useful to people (health, 
education,....) and the specific opportunities and constraints.

	- education/capacity building: what kind of curiculum could disseminate 
the knowledge in society. what re the different potential targeted 
candidates (ngos ? student ? in which  domain ?...)
   - tools/toolbox: what exists, and what should exist for who (for 
which profile)
	- regulation: what are regulatory context that could prevent creation 
of new content and services, or at the opposite that could leverage and 
enable them.
	- capture of ict needs: how do you identify the needs a specific 
community would have?
b- Develop resources
	- information of mobile infrastructure and device characteristics
	- information about available guidelines/ best 
practices/literature/training content...
	- information about available software/toolkit/solutions	
	- other suggestion ?
4- expected output
What is the epected output of this group in the 10-12 month timeframe ?
I would consider a full success if at the end we have:
- a handbook for those who would like to develop and deploy ict services 
on mobile phones to do select the right technologies
- a set of ressources to help in deploying services
- a roadmap for W3C and potentially other organizations to launch 
appropriate actions to tackle identified issues

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