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RE: Register now for Technology; a platform for development?

From: Joshua Saunders <Josh.Saunders@bbc.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 13:14:03 +0100
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Hi all,
I unfortunately can't attend the Chatham House event due to pre-booked holiday, but am hoping somebody from here will, and report back.  Looks like a great event.
Will be attending:
in London on the 17th November, which looks good.
As does
in London on 13th to 15th October.
Not specifically intl dev/digital divide related - but good events re Mobile Internet, and M-Learning
Josh Saunders | Senior Mobile Producer
BBC World Service Trust



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Subject: Register now for Technology; a platform for development?

Hi Jeff, all


Thanks for bringing this to the Group's attention.


In fact, Steph and I are both going to be at the Conference, talking separately but discussing similar digital divide and mobile web issues.


Hope to see some of the other members of the Group there?


All the best.






From: public-mw4d-request@w3.org [mailto:public-mw4d-request@w3.org] On Behalf Of Jeff Sonstein
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Subject: Fwd: Register now for Technology; a platform for development?


if anyone is going to be in the UK during 30-31 October

it might be useful to have a presence 

at this Chatham House conference





"Power corrupts

 PowerPoint corrupts absolutely"

-- Edward Tufte --



Prof. Jeff Sonstein









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Subject: Register now for Technology; a platform for development?




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For the attention of: Professor Jeffrey Sonstein


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A platform for development?


Thursday 30 - Friday 31 October 2008

Chatham House, London

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We are delighted to announce a number of exciting new speakers who have joined the speaker line-up for this major event, including José María Figueres Olsen - CEO, Concordia 21 and former President of Costa Rica,  who will give the opening keynote address.


Register for this high profile international conference by the 5th of September to benefit from the early booking discount!


With technology now universally recognized as a driver for development, the event will look at key criteria for successful technology diffusion and its potential throughout the world. Sessions will address many issues including:


· Infrastructure development and scaling up


· Challenges of implementation


· Driving new investment


· The selection of optimum technologies


· Ensuring successful implementation

A unique networking opportunity


This conference will provide a unique opportunity to meet with senior figures from the technology and development sectors, including policymakers, government representatives, industry leaders and investors. Do not miss out on the early booking discount and book your place now <http://email.chathamhouse.org.uk/_act/link.php?mId=A8651861966682487434046423511&tId=7516460> .


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+44 (0)20 7957 5754


Speaker highlights

José Maria Figueres Olsen


CEOConcordia 21, and

Former President

Costa Rica

 Jose Figueres Olsen<http://www.chathamhouse.org.uk/files/11977_figueres,_joseweb.jpg> 

Ken Banks





 Ken Banks<http://www.chathamhouse.org.uk/files/11973_banks,_kenweb.jpg> 

Alistair Lukies

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder


 Alistair Lukies<http://www.chathamhouse.org.uk/files/11974_lukies,_alastairweb.jpg> 

Chinyelu Onwurah


Head of Telecoms Technology


 Chinyelu Onwurah<http://www.chathamhouse.org.uk/files/11975_onwurah,_chinyeluweb.jpg> 

Mike Short


Vice President - R&d


Telefonica O2 Europe

 Mike Short<http://www.chathamhouse.org.uk/files/11976_short,_mikeweb.jpg> 

Claire Thwaites



Vodafone Group Foundationand


United Nations Foundation Technology Partnership





 Claire Thwaites<http://www.chathamhouse.org.uk/files/11978_thwaites,-claireweb.jpg> 

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The conference organizers will not be liable for any such unavoidable changes.




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