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RE: updated framework

From: Muntasir Mamun <svo97_12@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2008 22:23:10 -0700 (PDT)
To: public-mw4d@w3.org
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Dear All,

Sorry that I could not attend the teleconference. I am
here in this group of my own interest. So if I want to
join teleconference I have do it dialling directly
from my phone and it will be a long distance
International call. Here in Bangladesh, Government has
restricted the telecom operators to do VOIP business,
so the rate of the international call is quite higher

OK, I am little late comer here and I went through the
Framework document. I think all the sectors are
covered very well. But I will propose to add some more
(if agreed by all).

1. Section: Targets
Below three (3) categories are addressed:
1. In general, socially and economically deprived
2. Rural communities
3. Urban poor

Is it possible to include a fourth category as “City

The root concept is that: penetration of Mobile Web is
very low in developing countries like Bangladesh (for
example). So I think at first making Mobile Web
popular among all categories of target groups is
necessary. When it is popular, people will browse more
and the necessity of different types of portal and/or
applications will also be increased. 
A big portion of “City Users” who are carrying
eligible handsets with them, but are not visiting any
site from their Mobile Phones. 

2. Section: Stakeholders
The below are the types of participants as per the
1. NGOs / Grass-roots
2. International Organization
3. Mobile Industry: should we detail here ? handset
manufacturers, operators, ...
4. Academics (from developing and developed regions)
5. Government Representatives
6. Regulators
7. Entrepreneurship specialist

Information is the main thing I think can lead the
users towards the Mobile Web. So choosing the right
Information requirements for a specific Developing
country  can be a very important .

Can we include one more type:  Information
Organizations (or whatever you name it). I mean there
are always some local organizations who gather data
about several types of Local information (like:
Hospitals, Police Stations, Doctors etc). I think they
can give the idea about the Local Information
Interests of that specific region. 

Also we can discuss about the major profession of
every developing country (like: Agriculture is main
earning profession of around 80% of Bangladeshi
people) and then list down the most common professions
(like may be agriculture, fishing etc). So that we can
know what information will mostly important for the
developing countries. 

I will finish today. Sorry for the long post. Hope to
get your comment.



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