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Co-chair Meeting Minutes: May 14, 2019 [via Music Notation Community Group]

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Date: Wed, 15 May 2019 00:46:18 +0000
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Clarifying effect of octave lines on written pitch

The co-chairs agreed that pull request #152 is ready to merge in. Consensus is that octave lines do have an effect on the way the pitch is encoded, so if you have a middle C (which would in Scientific pitch notation be C4) with an 8va octave line written above it, it will be encoded as C5, i.e. transposed up by one octave. This also closes issue #4.

Realisations and layouts

It's still on Adrian's to-do list to move any remaining relevant comments from issue #138 onto issues #34 and issues #57. This is currently the second item on Adrian's priority list.

Splitting MNX-Common and MNX-Generic

Adrian has been in touch with Joe and has completed the transition of the back-end process for automatically compiling the Bikeshed file into the specification from travis-ci.org to travis-ci.com, and has added a Contributing document to capture the details of these processes.

Adrian is going to add further detail to the document to clarify the process for dealing with incoming issues, which is in brief summary: 

Any CG member can raise an issue.Once the co-chairs have discussed it, it will get assigned to a milestone reflecting the current understanding of the issue's priority.The issues that are currently being discussed with a view to closing them and creating pull requests to add to the spec are tagged with the Active Review tag.In theory, no issues will be worked on that are neither assigned to the V1 milestone or have the Active Review tag.

The co-chairs agreed that we should not split the MNX repository into two separate ones for MNX-Common and MNX-Generic, but rather we will have two Bikeshed files, one for each specification. This is the highest item on Adrian's list.

DAISY Braille music group

Daniel reported that he today attended a meeting of the UKAAF Music Subject Area working group and the issue of the DAISY Braille music group's collected requests for MusicXML came up. Daniel asked Michael on behalf of the UKAAF group to review the collected list of MusicXML requirements from the DAISY group and indicate to them which are already supported in MusicXML, which are out of scope for MusicXML and should be created as issues for MNX, and which could be added and considered for MusicXML 3.2.

SMuFL status

Daniel reported that he's been working on tooling for SMuFL and is nearly at the point where he can create a new release of Bravura to match SMuFL 1.3 that addresses some outstanding issues with the metadata file for the font. Once that is done, he plans to start working on the first issues in the SMuFL 1.4 milestone.

MusicXML 3.2 status

Michael is planning to have some discussions with other developers to determine whether some of the issues that are being considered for the milestone are of broader interest than just to MakeMusic.

Michael expects this process to take another few weeks, and once that is complete he will start the process of assigning issues to the active milestone and create the first pull request to start the process.

Next meeting

The next meeting is planned for Monday 3 June.


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