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SMuFL 1.3 Draft Community Report Published [via Music Notation Community Group]

From: W3C Community Development Team <team-community-process@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2019 00:17:27 +0000
To: public-music-notation@w3.org
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We are pleased to announce that a draft Community Report for SMuFL 1.3 has now been published, and we invite the Community Group to review the draft report so that we can move from draft status to a Final Community Report as soon as possible.

SMuFL 1.3 is the first release since the interim SMuFL 1.2 release in April 2016, which did not reach Community Report status. The main changes to SMuFL since the inception of the Community Group amount to the addition of some new ranges of characters – chief among them German organ tablature, Kahnotation dance notation, and supplemental ranges for clefs, chord symbols, octave lines, and time signatures – and the clarification of some aspects of the font metadata file specification.

You can view all of the issues that have been addressed in the SMuFL 1.3 Milestone on GitHub, and read a detailed list of changes in the Version History page in the specification itself.

Depending on the nature of the feedback received, we intend to advance from draft status to publishing a Final Community Report in around two weeks, aiming to publish in the week beginning 18 February 2019.

Please read the draft Community Report, and if you have any feedback, please raise an issue in GitHub.


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