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RE: Provenance

From: Pablo Nieto Caride <pablo.nieto@linguaserve.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 20:00:16 +0100
To: "'Yves Savourel'" <ysavourel@enlaso.com>, "'Multilingual Web LT-TESTS Public'" <public-multilingualweb-lt-tests@w3.org>
Message-ID: <044801cddc88$c03eb350$40bc19f0$@linguaserve.com>
Hi Yves, Leroy, all,

I've corrected the input and output files according to the comments and I've brought before, and I made up a new one (provenance5html.html with provenance5htmlrules.xml) with more than one provenanceRecord inside of the provenanceRecords element.
On provenance3html.html I deleted the link element since the rules didn't make much sense and with its-provenance-records-ref is enough, on the other hand I added a rules file to the provenance5html.html example with its:param.

About the output and the number inside the brackets what I meant was the number depends on the number of the provenance record it belongs to, like in provenance5html.html, and not the number of the element, at least It's the way I see it.

I added /html/head[1]/script[1]/its:provenanceRecords[1]/@xmlns:its to the output but I don't know if this is right.



Hi Pablo,

> Finally the output of provenance1htmloutput and provenance2htmloutput
> /html/body[1]/p[1]     provenanceRecordsRef[1]="#pr1" provRef[1]=
> I think that’s not correct, I think that the number inside the 
> brackets depends on the repeated attributes, not on the number of the element.
> Maybe Yves can shine a light on this.

Provenance is the only data category we have not committed to implement, so I haven't looked at the test files for it.

But as far as output for stand-off markup I can try: I think we said when the output is not coming from a stand-off list we don't use the brackets; when they come from a stand-off list (no matter how many elements) we do use the brackets. And we've started the index at 1, like Leroy did.

Obviously that's just our understanding. It will be nice to have a formal description at some point.


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