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Re: How to Obtain/Calculate Overall Percentage Score?

From: Dominique Hazael-Massieux <dom@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 15:10:28 +0100
Message-ID: <1326723028.31169.72.camel@altostratustier>
To: james@mobilewebexpert.co.uk
Cc: public-mobileok-checker@w3.org
Le samedi 14 janvier 2012 à 23:58 +0000, james@mobilewebexpert.co.uk a
écrit :
> Yes, that does help a bit, but do you have the current algorithm/code so I 
> can implement rather trying to re-invent one from scratch?

Each of the mobileOK test is annotated with a severity level in the
following XSLT:

The exact algorithm to calculate the score is available at:
http://dev.w3.org/cvsweb/~checkout~/2009/mobileok-servlet/src/org/w3c/mwi/mobileok/basic/servlet/xslt/common.xsl?rev=1.12;content-type=application%2Fxml (look for moki:compute-failed-score)

> PS - Maybe you could make the algorithm/code an accessible, public resource 
> so that others within the industry can provide ongoing input to help you 
> keep it up-to-date?

I guess the links above probably fit the bill for public availability,
but probably less for for accessibility :)

I would consider investing a bit in making it more accessible, if there
was a clear interest in providing input — possibly through a dedicated
community group? http://www.w3.org/community/

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