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RE: Checker Task Force Report

From: Ignacio Marin <ignacio.marin@fundacionctic.org>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 10:52:35 +0200
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To: "Ruadhan O'Donoghue" <rodonoghue@mtld.mobi>, "Abel Rionda" <abel.rionda@fundacionctic.org>, <public-mobileok-checker@w3.org>

Hi, Ruadhan:

The idea is to show mobile sites (some having few problems, some having some more). We end up with one ready for PDA (Windows Mobile) and see how many fails the checker reports. So we finish saying "guess what might happen with a more complex desktop web page".

Anyway, if anyone wants to propose a desktop one to test, we are open to it.

By the way, please do not commit anything to the CVS. We have been worked to leave all the tests in a stable state and latest commits cause exceptions to happen. Do not worry, as Abel and (remotely) Miguel are putting back previous versions of the files. 



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Just an observation but these are all mobile sites - what about also demonstrating on a PC site, showing how such a site fails most of the BPs and thus highlights the need for a mobile-friendly site?





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Subject: Checker Task Force Report 



Hi everybody,

We have committed some code during these days in order to
have the checker in a stable way.
We have prepared  slides for the presentation but I can
tell you what are the pages and tests we (think) are going
to check:

Google XHTML site http://www.google.com/xhtml
Entire test suite & some tests comments

BMW.mobi site http://bmw.moby

CTIC Foundation http://www.fundacionctic.org/

NewsWeek http://mobile.newsweek.com/

WindowsMobile http://windowsmediamobile.theplatform.com
Entire Test Suite

żAny comments?


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