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MATF Minutes 17 May 2017

From: Kim Patch <kim@redstartsystems.com>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2018 11:37:37 -0400
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*MATF Minutes 17 May 2017 link: 

  Mobile Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

    17 May 2018


    Kathy, Kim, Detlev, Marjohlic



  * Topics <https://www.w3.org/2018/05/17-mobile-a11y-minutes.html#agenda>
     1. techniques logistics
  * Summary of Action Items
  * Summary of Resolutions


<Kathy> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/wiki/Wcag21-techniques

      techniques logistics

MTAF page now links to master list

Kathy: if there is a link already created it will link to that. Task 
forces can review the ones other taskforces did
... all of the branches have been created now for all the techniques

Detlev: easy way to see raw git

Kathy: switch the URL so you can see the HTML version rather than the 
edited version


Kathy: instructions at the very bottom of the document
... this now has get hub step-by-step instructions  review alternate 
versions section

Detlev: each technique has its own branch  just to see the HTML code 
rendered in raw git  can paste into URL to make that happen, but it 
would be nice to have a button within the github source code view which 
we just show it rendered

<Kathy> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-gl/2018AprJun/0473.html

Kathy: all the techniques are there  Michael created  here's the 
message he sent out  list of all branches

Detlev: what are the priorities  need to focus on what I can do, 
general techniques that aren't script heavy  which are the most 
important ones to get in

Kathy: the ones we haven't leveled A. There going to be most important  
character key shortcut and label in name. Both of those are not really 
code heavy, those are simply talking about what were actually naming 
things, and then for character key shortcuts what we're assigning. So 
both of those are important mainly because they are level a but also 
because they are easier for us to do.
... we have pointer gestures and to for pointer cancellation. The other 
one is Motion actuation, but we don't have anything. Those are going to 
be more script heavy. And they just finished changing the understanding 
document for that
... in looking at the low hanging fruit and important things that we've 
got is to have techniques for character key shortcuts and Label in name

Detlev: motion actuation some kind of bookmarklet motion from sensors  
maybe that's possible but I don't really know. I wouldn't be the one 
writing those. Maybe it's possible to save what to look for in the code 
 search for a particular event

Kathy: the other one that I was going to tackle because I've been doing 
a lot of research on CSS and scripting is orientation. So the 
orientation one where were looking at the CSS properties and looking at 
whether or not a particular orientation  I was going to tackle that 
one. That's a AA

Detlev: from the viewpoint trigger breakpoints

Kathy: also lock orientation  technique where we have failure where we 
have set it
... orientation, writing of bookmarklet to look for that
... target I already have a bookmarklet for but that's lower priority AAA
... I can send you the link

Detlev: is there any plan for the mobile accessibility task force to 
meet at TPAC

Kathy: I'm going to be there. I know we are not on the schedule right 
now. Especially with silver collecting  make sure that work all passes 
through. I was going to talk to Andrew and see what he thought about that

Detlev: I'm not sure that would be useful. There was a large group a 
year ago when we were working on the mobile stuff  some people chime in 
on the mailing list but aren't as active on the calls. What does that 
mean for this group? What's most useful to make progress?
... it's hard to take time for both  at some point I was not on the 
main calls and only on the mobile calls

Kathy: for all of the taskforces it's about the same as far as the focus 
has been on the WCAG working group to get out the current standard so 
with all kinds of shifted. We're trying to coordinate that now  
techniques, making sure things moving forward on specific ones.
... with that, I don't know if you guys want to take character key 
shortcuts or Label in name

Kim, character key shortcuts, Detlev label in name, Kathy orientation

Detlev: lots of failures

Kathy: I would just do one failure

Detlev: one failure, check for all those conditions and if none of them 
are true then it's a failure
... I can try to do one failure and the General technique



Kathy: our list is below  We collapsed character key shortcuts. 
Probably pick one github branch then make a note that we have collapsed them


Kathy: template is in the wiki. Have to move it over to github


Kathy: Chris should put the one he did from the wiki to github
... technique and failure for character key shortcuts, Label in name, 
and also just one technique and failure for orientation  will collapse


Kathy: recap  master list  we want to try and have at least one 
technique and failures for A and AA success criteria. Orientation, I was 
going to do one technique that has to do with CSS unlocking the 
orientation via CSS. There are other techniques and failures in there.
... the other one we don't have anything for is motion actuation  those 
of the two we have open right now and need to do work on. Motion 
actuation we can do as a general technique where we don't have to have 
any code

Marc: I can do motion actuation

Kathy: so I think were in good shape for June 1. We would like to have 
more, but picking up these at least we have the A's and AA's covered

Detlev: do you have any idea who we might ask to write a bookmarklet to 
check the code for motion actuation type events  does that sound feasible

Marc: it sounds feasible, but I do know anybody who can do that  nobody 
on our team at IBM who's done bookmark list that I'm aware of

Kathy: who's going to be work continued after the release. The goal is 
to at least have one technique and failure each of the A and AA's. If 
between the four of us who work on those we'll actually have 
accomplished that.

Detlev: bookmarklet might be too specific anyway  a secondary point

Kathy: we are putting all of these in github  there's a branch for all 
the techniques and each has a stub  putting them and editing them in there

<Kathy> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/wiki/Wcag21-techniques

Kathy: Edit this list to put your name down
... and then we are putting the link to github when we are done in this list


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