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Group Meetings [via MiniApps Ecosystem Community Group]

From: W3C Community Development Team <team-community-process@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2020 03:10:54 +0000
To: public-miniapps@w3.org
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See previous minutes on GitHub. Latest meeting summary follows:
Ming Zu (Baidu) replaces Zhixing Lei (Baidu) as the group co-Chair
 Projects progress review:
 Lifecycle needs more review to see if it's compatible with current implementations of mini apps, and more implementation details will be added to the draft proposal.
 URI scheme needs more review and will add a section about how to download a package according to the URI.
Manifest currently contains basic content of mini app ID, name, version, pages etc., will add packaging structure in the future.
Widgets contains mostly the differences between a widget and a mini app, will add use cases of widgets.
Project leading organizations aim to invite public review on project draft proposals next week.
The group plans to translate the proposals into English and solicit global community's wider review.
 continue to update draft proposals based on feedback
 invite local and global vendors/communities to review 
 introduce the current progress in a meeting (February, California) with some W3C global members
 Next meeting: 9am, February 13, 2020 (Beijing, UTC+8)


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