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From: Klaus Birkenbihl <Klaus@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2006 20:20:25 +0200
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When I started to work for W3C as manager of the german
office I met Alan occasionally. When I was AC-rep and
later on the AB we saw more often and the first thing I
learned about Alan was that he was the guy that would
ground discussions that was about getting lost in space.
And he did this in a friendly, quiet, but positive and
sometimes a bit bearish way that gave him the attention
that he deserved.

But thinking about Alan another thing comes into my mind.
It was on the TP 2004 in Mandellieu when Alan talked to me
about his plan for an organ tour through north germany.
(Judie and he went on this tour a half year later.) I was
wowed and somehow infected by the dedication, passion and
knowledge that Alan showed. I think organs are sort of a
technology that he liked very much: while being art
themselves they open up a huge potential for creativity
and experience for musicians and listeners. Each one has
its own identity and many of them are in service for
hundreds of years without losing any attractivity.

Wherever he is now I wish him and Judie that they find all
the music they loved so much.

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