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Thank you Alan and Judie

From: Booth, David (HP Software - Boston) <dbooth@hp.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 15:36:06 -0400
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I am so sad -- and still shocked -- to hear of Alan Kotok's passing.

Our boys still play with the nesting box toy that Alan and Judie so
thoughtfully provided when we attended their last Christmas party,
before Judie got sick.

I remember running into Alan on the street several months ago, just
before Judie died, as he returned from visiting her in intensive care.
I asked how she was doing.  He told me it was looking like she may not
make it, but he added that had nothing but praise for the hospital staff
and how much they were pulling for her.  The musical memorial service
that he arranged for her was wonderul, and packed full -- hundreds of
friends and admirers.  

During the months since Judie's passing it has been hard to think of
Alan having lost Judie.  Often when I've gone into our local supermarket
I've felt sad as I remembered running into the two of them in the
aisles.  It's been hard to think of Alan without Judie.

During my stint as a W3C Fellow at the MIT site my office was next to
Alan's.  I was surprised to learn that Alan was chief architect of the
first computer that I ever used: the DEC PDP-10.  One of the nicest
fringe benefits of being at W3C was lively and interesting lunchtime
conversation that occurred.  Alan often had amusing and insightful
stories to share.  He brought so much to the team and to all who worked
with him.  It will be very hard next time I visit, to be there with Alan

David Booth
HP Software
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