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Re: Timeline to Last Call

From: Silvia Pfeiffer <silviapfeiffer1@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2010 00:23:37 +1000
Message-ID: <AANLkTikFqQJr8P4HFZQBLveTt-zu0TOzfSuoiSepakYm@mail.gmail.com>
To: RaphaŽl Troncy <raphael.troncy@eurecom.fr>
Cc: Davy Van Deursen <davy.vandeursen@ugent.be>, Media Fragment <public-media-fragment@w3.org>
2010/9/25 RaphaŽl Troncy <raphael.troncy@eurecom.fr>

> Hi Silvia,
>  Just to be clear: I believe we can at this stage also formulate
>> basically a place-holder bug that requires the inclusion of spec text
>> for the support of media fragment URIs which will then buy us some time
>> to come up with the concrete spec text later. But we need to do it now
>> since time is running out before Last Call.
> Thanks for raising this up. I also saw the timeline of the HTML WG, and
> indeed, I'm in favor of putting a bug in their tracker before October 1st.
> I would put a generic entry that could read between the lines of: "support
> for media fragment URIs in the @src attributes of media elements (audio,
> video, img) and what effect they have."
> Silvia, could you do that? I'm all for discussing it as well at OVC, but we
> will be already after the deadline. The bug entry needs to be sent before
> this coming Thursday.
> Thanks.

Done, see: http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=10723

Feel free to add any comments there that I might have missed.

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