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Backwards compatibility and the use cases and requirements draft

From: Geoffrey Sneddon <foolistbar@googlemail.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 17:35:48 +0000
Message-Id: <1CFDB73B-101B-4FEB-9E33-8E2F0B5FF35A@googlemail.com>
To: Media Fragment <public-media-fragment@w3.org>


I spoke to one or two of you around TPAC (though I have only just got  
around to actually writing any email), but to (very) briefly summarize  
who I am, I'm someone who primarily has an interest in HTML/CSS (and  
therefore have little background in video).

Should it not be a requirement that if either the UA or the server (or  
both) doesn't support media fragments the behaviour should not be  
completely ugly and things should degrade nicely (even if that does  
mean downloading the entire video)? I got the impression at TPAC that  
this was a goal, but this is not in the current draft as of writing.

Geoffrey Sneddon
Received on Tuesday, 16 December 2008 17:36:31 UTC

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