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: Help with capturing requirements from scenarios

From: Sunyang (Eric) <eric.sun@huawei.com>
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2012 01:32:17 +0000
To: Harald Alvestrand <harald@alvestrand.no>, "public-media-capture@w3.org" <public-media-capture@w3.org>
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Hi Harald and all

Below is my derived requirement from scenario 2.5 in media capture scenario draft

Ability to promote to user for permission before video/audio stream sent to other user's browser.
Ability to promote user to confirm the usage of webcam and microphone by the website conference app
Ability for user to request recorded video/audio stream from secretary for preview or reference in discussion
Ability for user or secretary to playback the capture video/audio to new comers to a arbitrary time point for his quickly catch-up
Ability for user simply drag a image over video of other attendee to directly send the image(to other user without open a new window
Ability for user simply drag a image over a area of website, so the image is send to all of the other users
Ability to pause/resume local video/voice capture and remote video/voice display by user
Ability for user to record the video/audio stream to a local file

Hop it helps.



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: Help with capturing requirements from scenarios


Travis has asked for some help with getting the requirements distilled from our scenarios document for GetUserMedia:

There are some requirements that are really obvious, like these, all distilled from 2.1 "Check out my new hat!":

- Abilty to show the image stream from a camera on the screen
- Ability to capture a still image from camera and store the result
- Ability to trigger image capture from a timed event, not just from a button click
- Ability to capture sound and store the result
- Ability to display the volume of sound captured from from a microphone
- Abillity to trigger an event based on the volume of sound over some time (silence, in this case)

Many of these are covered in the numbered list under the scenario; some might not be, and some of the numbered items are out of scope for this WG (file upload, for instance).

I'd like to ask the TF to help with doing this distillation work:
- Check the scenarios document
- Help summarize and aggregate the requirements
- If there are requrements you think should be removed, or added, identify them

If we can get the requirements explicit on the list, that is an important aid in capturing them in the document.


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