Changes in the ontology document

Change to section 4.4: Double

Change title from "Double" to "Decimal"

A Decimal value SHOULD be represented using the XML Schema decimal data type, but MAY be represented using the XML Schema double data type if decimal is not available.

Other changes related to Double/Decimal

All occurence of "double" or "Double" up to section 5.1 (included) can be replaced by "decimal" or "Decimal" respectively. All furhter occurences should be kept as is (they refer to the IEEE double dataype).

Change to section 4.5: Date

A Date value MUST be represented using one of the specific date/time data types of XML Schema, depending on the available precision: gYear gYearMonth, date, dateTime, or dateTimeStamp.

Change to 7.2 Correspondence between the informal ontology and the RDF representation

(...) (value of ma:date) (6)



(6) According to Section 4.4, several datatypes are allowed here. However, if compliance with a specific OWL 2 Profile is required, additional constraints on the allowed datatypes may apply [OWL2 Profiles].

Addition to Appendix B References (Non-Normative)


[OWL2 Profiles]
OWL 2 Web Ontology Language Profiles. W3C OWL Working Group. Available for download at .

Changes to the API document

Change to Attributes

attribute DOMString date
This attribute represents date related to the media resource. Recommended best practice is to use one of the XML Schema data types: gYear gYearMonth, date, dateTime, or dateTimeStamp.