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Re: CR version of the Ontlogy for REVIEW

From: Silvia Pfeiffer <silviapfeiffer1@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 14 May 2011 18:53:30 +1000
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On Sat, May 14, 2011 at 6:20 PM, Silvia Pfeiffer
<silviapfeiffer1@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Thierry,
> I just noticed that some of the links aren't pointing to the correct
> locations on the page
> http://dev.w3.org/2008/video/mediaann/mediaont-1.0/mediaont-1.0.html
> E.g.
> In the toc http://dev.w3.org/2008/video/mediaann/mediaont-1.0/mediaont-1.0.html#contents
> you have
> OGG pointing to
> http://dev.w3.org/2008/video/mediaann/mediaont-1.0/mediaont-1.0.html#ogg-table
>  and
> ogg pointing to
> http://dev.w3.org/2008/video/mediaann/mediaont-1.0/mediaont-1.0.html#ogg-table
> i.e. the identical location, which both end up in rather
> than the second one pointing to the right subsection.
> Further, in ogg you have a link to
> http://dev.w3.org/2008/video/mediaann/mediaont-1.0/mediaont-1.0.html#ogg
> , which goes to the references section rather than the other section
> where the details are described (i.e.
> Now let me add the information you asked for:
> For tables 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 I assume this is a name that we make up to
> explain what we are talking about - it doesn't have to exist in that
> way in the file. So, you can use the following in the Examples column:
> For ogg:
> ogg:track=serialno:vorbiscomment:title and ogg:track=serialno:skeleton:title

Actually, make this:

ogg:track=serialno/vorbiscomment/title and ogg:track=serialno/skeleton/title

> Note that the information depends on the track that you are referring
> to and whether you are looking into the vorbiscomment header or the
> skeleton header, so I have added identifiers for these.
> For webm:
> webm:segment=id:track=id:Language

and this:


These are probably more in line with how the other formats on that list work.


> Note that the information depends on the segment and track referred to.
> Best Regards,
> Silvia.
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