MAWG Relation ID3v2 frames How to do the mapping Datatype XPath
Descriptive Properties (Core Set)
identifier N/A N/A
title exact TIT2 string N/A


TIT3 string N/A
language exact TLAN string

3-character code according to ISO-639-2.

If several languages are used, other codes should follow according to their usages.

locator N/A N/A
contributor more specific TPE2, TPE3, TPE4, TEXT, TMCL, TIPL, TENC string N/A
creator exact TPE1 string N/A
date more specific TDEN, TDRC, TDRL, TDTG string in yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss format, with arbitrary precision (e.g. yyyy, yyyy-MM, yyyy-MM-dd ...) N/A
location N/A N/A
Content description
description related TIT1 string N/A
keyword more specific TMOO string N/A
genre related TCON If a number, should be converted to the corresponding ID3v1 genre label, see Appendix A of spec. string N/A
rating exact POPM structured {

- user email

- rating (0-255)

- number of times played


relation related APIC NB: the APIC frame embeds the related image structured (see spec) N/A
collection more specific TALB string N/A
copyright exact TCOP string

Must start with the year followed by a space (" ").

Must always be displayed following "Copyright © ".

policy N/A N/A
publisher exact TPUB string N/A
targetAudience N/A N/A
fragments N/A N/A
namedFragments N/A N/A
Technical Properties
frameSize N/A N/A
compression related TFLT string

One of the codes defined in the spec if applicable, else free form.

duration more specific TLEN numeric string

Length in milliseconds.

format exact TFLT string (see compression) N/A
samplingRate N/A N/A
frameRate N/A N/A
averageBitRate N/A N/A
numTracks N/A N/A