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RE: Minutes of the MAWG telecon july 18th 2011 and ACTION for editors.

From: Chris Poppe <Chris.Poppe@ugent.be>
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2011 13:32:23 +0200
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Hi all,

Just a small note. The current RDF file that is used as an example for DIG35
is not a DIG35 RDF file. It is an RDF file according to the ma-ontology to
describe an image. At this point there is no mapping of the DIG35 ontology
to the ma-ontology and unfortunately I don't have the time to produce one.
(I do have examples of DIG35 in xml or RDF, but not mapped or linked with
the ma-ontology).

Kind regards,

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Subject: Minutes of the MAWG telecon july 18th 2011 and ACTION for editors.


During this telecon there was very poor attendance.
Only Werner, Mari-Carmen and I were present.
Unfortunately, we were missing a quorum and only a couple of regrets sent.

We have discussed the RDF files in the Testsuite and the guidelines to 
provide conformant RDF files.

So far we have 7 formats conformant (RDF files marked in green)

We are missing the following compliant RDF files and updated HTML 
mapping table:

- Cablelabs

-You tube


Courtney/Mari Carment
- 3GPP
- Quicktime

- Flash


Pierre Antoine

- Dig35

Next week the telecon (July 25th) will be canceled.
ACTION: editors please work on these files. We are about to be done now 
to move to REC, once we have fulfilled these files.

Deadline is Aug 4th.

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