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script to automatically include the mapping tables into the Ontology document.

From: Thierry MICHEL <tmichel@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 22:54:12 +0200
Message-ID: <4C17E874.8090809@w3.org>
To: "public-media-annotation@w3.org" <public-media-annotation@w3.org>, ??? <wslee@etri.re.kr>

I have written a simple PHP script executed on the W3C server to 
automatically include the mapping tables into the Ontology document.

It will include files from the CR directory

In order to automatically include the mapping table:

please replace the mapping table you have copied in the ontology 
document by the following code:

<div class="div3">
<h4><a name="mapping-table" id="mapping-table"></a>4.2.2 The mapping 

<p>The following mappings are established from the Media Ontology's core
properties to various multimedia metadata formats. This list of formats 
is not
closed, nor does it pretend to be exhaustive. A future version of this
specification MAY include additional mappings if a need or use case is
established for these new mappings.</p>

<div class="div4">
<h5><a name="CableLabs1.1" id="CableLabs1.1"></a> CableLabs 1.1</h5>
<?php include 'CableLabs1.html'; ?>

<div class="div4">
<h5><a name="DIG" id="DIG"></a> DIG</h5>
<?php include 'DIG.html'; ?></div>

<div class="div4">
<h5><a name="EBUCore" id="EBUCore"></a> EBUCore</h5>
<?php include 'EBUCore.html'; ?></div>

<div class="div4">
<h5><a name="EXIF" id="EXIF"></a> EXIF</h5>
<?php include 'EXIF.html'; ?></div>

<div class="div4">
<h5><a name="ID3" id="ID3"></a> ID3</h5>
<?php include 'ID3.html'; ?></div>

<div class="div4">
<h5><a name="IPTC" id="IPTC"></a> IPTC</h5>
<?php include 'IPTC.html'; ?></div>

<div class="div4">
<h5><a name="LOM" id="LOM"></a> LOM</h5>
<?php include 'LOM.html'; ?></div>

<div class="div4">
<h5><a name="MediaRDF" id="MediaRDF"></a> MediaRDF</h5>
<?php include 'MediaRDF.html'; ?></div>

<div class="div4">
<h5><a name="MediaRSS" id="MediaRSS"></a> MediaRSS</h5>
<?php include 'MediaRSS.html'; ?></div>

<div class="div4">
<h5><a name="d0e6402" id="d0e6402"></a> METS</h5>
<?php include 'METS.html'; ?></div>

<div class="div4">
<h5><a name="MPEG7" id="MPEG7"></a> MPEG7</h5>
<?php include 'MPEG7.html'; ?></div>

<div class="div4">
<h5><a name="OGG" id="OGG"></a> OGG</h5>
<?php include 'OGG.html'; ?></div></div>

<div class="div4">
<h5><a name="d0e7626" id="d0e7626"></a> SMTPD</h5>
<?php include 'SMTPD.html'; ?></div>

<div class="div4">
<h5><a name="TVA" id="TVA"></a> TVA</h5>
<?php include 'TVA.html'; ?></div>

<div class="div4">
<h5><a name="TXFeed" id="TXFeed"></a> TXFeed</h5>
<?php include 'TXFeed.html'; ?></div>

<div class="div4">
<h5><a name="XMP" id="XMP"></a> XMP</h5>
<?php include 'XMP.html'; ?></div>

<div class="div4">
<h5><a name="YouTube" id="YouTube"></a> YouTube</h5>
<?php include 'YouTube.html'; ?></div>


Once you have generated the output of the Ontology document;

copy it into this directory

and rename it with the .php extension.

here is an example of what the php script produces.

If you have any issue let me know,

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