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Re: Revised ontology doc according to the comments from the exports

From: Veronique Malaise <vmalaise@few.vu.nl>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 10:01:39 +0200
Cc: <public-media-annotation@w3.org>
Message-Id: <09E4E5E1-5250-44C3-8217-19F143D829B7@few.vu.nl>
To: 이원석 <wslee@etri.re.kr>
Hi all,

I also sent a list of the topics and issues that I did NOT adress in  
the reviewer's remarks and questions I had for the group, please keep  
this list (sent in a previous mail to Wonsuk and the other co-editors)  
in mind when going through the ontology document. I am reacheable on  
skype, mail and will try to be connected to the IRC right now  
(sometimes the connection gets lost, I'll try to follow and reconnect  
when this happens).


On Apr 26, 2010, at 9:55 AM, 이원석 wrote:

> Hi. Veronique and all.
> Concerning the ontology doc, I updated the HTML file of cvs  
> repository with Veronique’s proposal according to the comments from  
> Robin and Silvia.
> [2] is revised version of ontology doc and [3] is diff version  
> between old one [1] and new one [2].
> Let’s have discussion for this issues in today meeting.
> Best regards,
> Wonsuk.
> [1] http://tinyurl.com/2upwfz6
> [2] http://dev.w3.org/2008/video/mediaann/mediaont-1.0/mediaont-1.0.html
> [3] http://tinyurl.com/38p97gs
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