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Opening the Namespace infrastructures to Competition
Open Questions : challenges and opportunities

Expert Workshop

The current situation concerning the Domain Name System is raising more and more interest as the end of the ICANN JPA in September is approaching.

Instead of engaging into bitter debates on how to co-manage a quasi-monopoly, an informal workshop is organized to explore whether there are any technical alternatives for the development of future information networks ?. Is there an effective solution to open to competition name resolving services. ?

This informal workshop is organized in the context of the expert mission that has been recently contracted by ITU to Dr. Francis Muguet. after his presentation, last May, at the WSIS Forum : Opening to competition the namespace infrastructure

This expert mission is in line with the outcomes of the last ITU Council Working Group on WSIS , where ITU was requested to study the evolution of the future internet.
The informal expert workshop is hosted at ITU headquarters, on Friday 18 September, which happens to occur after the European Dialogue on Internet Governance ( Monday 14 - Tuesday. 15 September ) and the IGF planning meeting ( Wednesday 16- Thursday 17 September ) in Geneva

The workshop, organized by Dr. Francis Muguet, is going to include in the morning, presentations and a round table, and in the afternoon, open discussions.

  I proposed to implement classes, called semantic classes , where the legal and technological innovation lies in the fact that owners of domain names in TLDs in  those classes  are contractually obliged to follow the ontology specific to each TLD. ,  (SWTLD).
( or to lose their domain names.)
 It would be therefore possible to create semantic namespaces as zones where metadata may be trusted.

   it would be possible to implement semantic namespaces in a way independant from ICANN, 

As a consequence, it would, allow for far more relevant access to data than in full text and
 this would redefine the search engines' market and approach.
Each of those SWTLDs could constitute a very large open database and would empower M2M.

Logically it would seem that W3C shoud be entittled to co-manage  at least a few  of those semantic namespaces,
This would provide, by the way, some financial ressources for the W3C.

All the best

Francis Muguet


Call for Tutorials

Fourth Asian Semantic Web Conference (ASWC 2009)

6-9 December, 2009

Shanghai, China




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