The Action 55 is... "Work on imaging life cycle use case and turn it into a use case following the pattern of the UC & req document"

My proposed text, according to the original Use Case is:

Use Case: Digital imaging lifecycle
Use Case summary: Reflecting the chain of distinct intellectual or artistic creation stages.
Related Requirements:
Requirement r01: Methods for getting structured or unstructured metadata out of media objects in different formats
Requirement r07: Introducing several abstraction levels in the ontology
Description / Example:
An artistic painter finishes his last creation which is a self portrait painted with oil. His wife, a professional photographer, takes a photo of the painting with her new digital camera. Finally, their son performs some improvements with a known graphics editing program.

However, it can be easily exemplified for the video world. Then the Use Case would have a new title and a new Description/Example:

Use Case: Video lifecycle
Description / Example:
On January 2009, a US Airways plane landed on Hudson River water in NY. The coastward recorded the scene -the only existing video- Its importance is huge (in terms of aerospatial research, insurances issues and news broadcasting). The next day, TV news broadcast an adapted version of the video -children faces away, image quality digitally restorted- and a newspaper uses a frame of the video as an illustration. Both derivative works -the video, the image- should point to the original one, for the regards of the Intellectual Property rights but also for searching and answering these two-sense queries: "Where does this image come from?" "Which derivative works had this video?".